Space Hero

Space management software built for hybrid work

Conventional space management tools aren’t built to adapt to the constant change of hybrid work. But with HubStar Space, you can:

  • Import floor plans in any format
  • Assign spaces based on hybrid occupancy profiles
  • Edit and design employee-facing floor plans with ease

Why HubStar Space?

Standardize Floorplans And Sharing

Standardize floorplans and sharing

Floorplans are automatically polylined and standardized for hassle-free editing and sharing.

Simplify Complex Hybrid Space Allocation

Simplify complex hybrid space allocation

Assign employees to spaces based on hybrid work patterns – directly assigned, days of the week, shifts and more.

Optimize Workplace Experience And Boost Productivity

Optimize workplace experience and boost productivity

Align space availability with employee demand, make frequent edits to seating and floor plans with ease.

“We will not make any meaningful real estate and workplace decisions without HubStar data”

Workplace Capabilities & Planning Manager, Fortune 50 customer

Balance cost, carbon & workplace experience

IconsSay goodbye to patchy data headaches

  • Measure utilization across every square inch of your portfolio
  • Fill in the blanks left by badge data and sensors for a complete high res picture of occupancy
  • Patented algorithms automatically unify data for consistent metrics out-the-box

GroupAdvanced, predictive analytics

  • Spot utilization patterns to inform and guide your workplace strategy
  • Prioritize action with machine learning suggestions on the amount and type of space you need
  • Set up alerts to notify you if spaces near full capacity or if occupancy is higher or lower than expected

Group (1)Embrace dynamic workplace management

  • Adopt an agile approach to space management fit for the new world of work
  • Future proof your strategy with technology that adapts to unpredictable change
  • Evolve a workplace experience that’s cost effective and worth the commute

Technology that evolves with your hybrid workplace

No more move management mayhem

Hybrid floor and seating plans are constantly changing. With HubStar Space, you don’t need to spend hours in AutoCAD editing floor plans and finding the right spaces.

Space management powered by data

HubStar Space pulls in occupancy and HR data and automatically publishes floor plans to other systems. Floorplans and employee-facing apps are always accurate and up-to-date.

Measure workspace performance

Overlay floor plans with space utilization data to measure how new floorplans and hybrid seating plans are performing. Quantify how every square inch of space is being used across your entire workplace portfolio.

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Stay safe, secure and connected

Certified with ISO 9001, ISO 270001 & ISO 27701
Privacy protection GDPR compliant
WCAG 2.1 AA and VPAT Accessibility Compliance
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Secure scalable hosting, no PI data storage

Talk to a space management specialist

Get in touch to see how HubStar Space can help you:

  • Plan hybrid spaces strategically
  • Boost workplace experience and productivity
  • Cut costs and carbon emissions