Utilization Hero

Blowing your budget on occupancy sensors?

Accurate occupancy data doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg.

  • Accurately measure utilization across your entire portfolio
  • Install sensors only where you need them
  • Start measuring now with no hardware investment

Why HubStar Utilization?

Ccupancy Blind Spots

No more occupancy blind spots

Badge swipes don’t measure employee behavior, while occupancy sensors only measure behaviour in a fraction of your portfolio. HubStar Utilization beats the blind spots by measuring utilization across every square inch of your portfolio.


Take the headache out of data analysis

HubStar unifies and analyzes data from WiFI, occupancy sensors, badge swipes and desk and meeting room booking into an accurate single view.

Occupancy Icons

Future-proof your workplace and real estate decisions

HubStar analyzes occupancy patterns and trends for you, so you can make the right calls for office layout and portfolio rightsizing with confidence.

“We will not make any meaningful real estate and workplace decisions without HubStar data”

Workplace Capabilities & Planning Manager, Fortune 50 customer

Don't waste time & budget by over-prescribing sensors

IconsUnified data from your entire portfolio

  • Consolidate data from multiple sources in one platform
  • Reduce costs by going vendor agnostic
  • Overlay floorplans with data to visualize occupancy

GroupSensor enriched insights

  • Analyze utilization of smaller spaces (e.g. conference rooms)
  • Identify exactly how many additional people can fit in each space
  • Explore team-level utilization

Group (1)Sensorless insights

  • Identify underutilized buildings, floors & zones (e.g. collaboration spaces)
  • Track utilization trends over time and predict future trends
  • Identify space consolidation opportunities and where to accommodate growing teams

Technology that evolves alongside you

Create a connected experience

Automate hybrid working and design ideal spaces by balancing employee experience and utilization. Create a high-performance culture without compromising autonomy.

Accelerate your return-to-office strategy

Stop making policy and infrastructure decisions in the dark. Start tracking RTO (within days, not months) to optimize occupancy, costs and collaboration.

Daily Patterns 1

Stay safe, secure and connected

Certified with ISO 9001, ISO 270001 & ISO 27701
Privacy protection GDPR compliant
WCAG 2.1 AA and VPAT Accessibility Compliance
Computer Database Server 1 By Streamlinehq
Secure hosting, no PI data storage

Talk to a HubStar specialist

Get in touch to see how HubStar’s occupancy sensor software can give you the best of both worlds – accurate occupancy data and cost-effectiveness.

  • Complete coverage of occupancy data from the entire workplace
  • Actionable insights from your data, no data scientists required
  • The certainty to make the right workplace and real estate decisions